Best Mobile Campaign

Mobile media including in-app advertising, mobile display, text messaging and mobile video adv with the purpose of creating consumer-centric brand experiences that engage users through mobile devices. Any mobile-web destination or microsite built specifically for mobile environment to provide an exceptional engagement through mobile devices (most creative, innovative and engaging design of a mobile/tablet website). Any custom, rich media or non-standard mobile display ad (please provide examples) that allows users to interact through mobile with the content in a rich media environment, incorporating dynamic motion, video, and/or audio. Campaigns with over 50% of the budget allocated to mobile media. For this category, creativity will bring extra points in the judging process.

Campaigns from 2015

Galaxy Note Edge Samsung Electronics Romania

Campaigns from 2017

Gillette Mach 3 Procter&Gamble / Gillette

Campaigns from 2018

Campaigns from 2019

Aniversare 18 ani Carrefour Romania