Strategic business and marketing challenge:
The smartphones market is very active, with new products launched every month. But this accelerated pace entails diminishing innovation from one model to another. The differences between a newly launched product and a 1-year-old one are often insignificant for the end user (some extra pixels, a new health app etc.).
The highlights of the year are the launches of the iPhone and Samsung S series annual models. Those truly passionate about technology wait for these launches before acquiring an expensive top-line smartphone.
But just few months before the launch of the S6, Samsung was launching also a truly innovative product, a first on the market – the Note Edge. The difference compared to the previous model (and to any other smartphone ever) was the curved screen on both sides. This unique screen provided, aside from the exceptional design, a series of features that would give de user more and easier possibilities to use the smartphone’s features.

Marketing challenge
To generate awareness and enthusiasm about the Samsung Note Edge,
while being in the shadow of the most expected Samsung product yet, the Galaxy S6.

Target audience:
We were addressing tech savvy people, for whom technology is a means to achieve. They are very ambitious, always open to new opportunities, dedicating a lot to their career, while trying to also save time for their families. If we would describe them in 2 words those would be “performance demanders” – requiring performance from themselves (in every field) and also from the products they use.

Overall campaign objectives - Increase awareness and search volume on Galaxy Note Edge.
General Information:
Strategy: In order to relate to our target, we had to speak their language and position our product as an expression of their life values and expectations.

We knew that the most important thing for them was to find the resources to surpass the daily limitations in achieving their goals: lack of time, of energy, limitations from their work environment, colleagues, social environment, families etc. There were a lot of restrictions that they had to deal with each and every day.

Our product would not be one of them. On the contrary, it would be an inspiration for less limitations and new possibilities. This is how we decided to translate the edged screen – not limited as for all the other smartphones, but going over the edge, expanding the limits of it’s user!
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