IAB MIXX Awards rewards Digital Excellence at International Standards


Recognised as the worldwide benchmark for best digital campaigns, the IAB MIXX Award winning work 

is set to inspire and educate the marketplace about the power of the online communication! 

The IAB MIXX Awards (Marketing and Interactive Excellence Awards) is the only 100% digital international competition held in Romania by the association of the industry - an impartial organisation, and rolled out by worldwide recognised standards. IAB MIXX Awards offer international exposure in other countries where IAB is active! 

The IAB MIXX Awards recognises digital marketing excellence in cross media campaigns. This means that every aspect of the campaign is important: strategy, execution and & of media, results & ROI and creativity. Only the best digital campaigns will win a MIXX award! Also, IAB MIXX Award-winning work inspires, educates and provides best-practice for the marketplace about the power to build brands digitally.

HERE is where you can submit a case, until the 13th of November 2023 - EOD!

The IAB MIXX Awards rewards the best Romanian works in the interactive and digital landscape...both implemented and never-made ones! Campaigns may be submitted in 16 different categories from 3 different Areas:


  • Brand Advertising - Best use of media mix for brand building purposes.

  • Video Advertising - Best use of video advertising to deliver the highest level of consumer engagement.

  • Social Media Campaign - Best use of social media to deliver a high level of consumer engagement.

  • Branded Content - Best use of original, entertaining or informational content to deliver the highest level of consumer engagement.

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality - Best use of VR, AR or other new technology that delivers a highly interactive or engaging consumer experience.

  • Influencer Marketing - Best influencer marketing campaign that delivers the highest level of consumer engagement and fulfills brand objectives.

  • Non-profit/Corporate Social Responsibility - Best campaign that has a positive impact on consumer behaviours and fulfils an organisations CSR objectives.

  • Sustainability Campaigns - Dedicated to digital driven campaigns that powerfully advance sustainability & environmental stewardship..


  • Direct Response/Lead Generation - Best use of digital advertising for direct response or lead generation campaigns. Best campaigns focused on generating direct response/ conversion/ purchase intent using a variety of digital advertising tools/mechanics etc

  • Search Advertising: Best use of search advertising to deliver the highest level of consumer engagement and return on advertising investment

  • Effective Use of Data - Best use of data in clever or innovative ways to drive the effectiveness and success of a campaign.

  • E-Commerce - Dedicated to groundbreaking digital campaigns that elevate the e-commerce experience & drive results.

  • In-Gaming - Submit your most innovative in-game advertising and brand integrations cases that captivate and engage players

Interactive Business Boost: 

  • Campaign Effectiveness - Digital campaigns that have achieved effectiveness by meeting and exceeding their stated objectives including influencing the audience to impact brand (e.g. brand awareness, purchase intent) and sales metrics. 

  • Integrated Advertising - Best campaign that delivers high levels of consumer engagement across multiple screens and platforms (either across digital or digital integrated with offline channels).

  • Product Innovation - Best new digital advertising or marketing product or format that adds value to the industry. 

The most innovative campaign, that reflects the best use and integration of digital channels 
and tools for best results will be rewarded by Best Digital MIXX Award of the year!

We expect all closed campaigns that run between 1st of October 2022 - 1st of October 2023

The fee for the submission of a campaign is 125 EUR net for IAB Romania members and 150 EUR net for non-members. 

For more than 2 campaigns submitted by the same agency or for the submission of one campaign to more that one category there is a 15% discount applicable. For NGOs we  have a preferential fee of 55 EUR net/campaign. 

The Winners of the IAB MIXX Awards Romania will be announced within IAB International Network 

and recommended for the IAB MIXX Award Europe at the Interact Congress 2024

Because only the best-of-the-best go home with a most wanted IAB MIXX Award, the collection of winning work creates a valuable platform that furthers the IAB mission to educate the broader advertising and marketing industry about the powerful impact interactive has on the overall marketing mix.

The IAB MIXX Awards is judged by an independent and unbiassed panel of highly acclaimed thought leaders in the local & international advertising ecosystem — advertising, martech & media agencies executives & creatives who created campaigns for the Romanian & European most powerful brands, marketers with direct control over some of the largest advertising budgets or some of the most prominent and dynamic digital presence in Romania & International, experienced online company leaders & consultants. 

The international jury is composed by MIXX Awards winners from other countries and by international members of the MIXX jury, familiarised with the MIXX requirements and with highest standards in online presence. 

The finalists and winners will be honoured at the offline IAB MIXX Awards Gala (details coming soon!) 

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