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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Grooming category (men face care, aftershave, shaving) is on an increasing trend, however it is dynamic and competitive, with many changes in consumer habits. NIVEA MEN is leading the category, however it is a constant battle with the shaving leader, Gillette.

This campaign is around NIVEA MEN Sensitive which the key growth driver for the category.

However, since the launch in 2019, the platform has lost its edge. Impact on men has dwindled. It is still trusted from a functional perspective, yet lack an emotional connection. This is always critical for a strong brand. It is doubly so for a sub-brand which aims to represent the emotional side of men.

Thus, our main business objective is to create emotional connection with men. In media this means that it is not enough to reach many people, we must ensure they engage with the creative. Thus our main media objective was time engaged with the branded content.

How did we plan to do this? By telling emotional stories which establish the association of sub-brand with being proud of being sensitive as a man.

However, despite what sitcoms might say, men are not all the same. Being sensitive means different things for different people. So we must tell them different stories.

We identified three key men audiences:
Men 18 – 55 +dad, sports, gaming,
Men 18 – 55 + personal care,
Men 25-49 + parent.

We used the power of technology to tell each of them a different story around themselves and NIVEA MEN Sensitive. In technical terms with Dynamic Creative Optimization we delivered a personalized creatives to each man in an automated manner.
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