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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: QLED range was launched in 2017, with Samsung being the only producer to have this product & technology, but this category is no longer unknown or “exotic”. QLED share in the market is no longer small, the category was validated by the consumers, even though the direct competitors are communicating OLED for several years now (~4) and have stronger “voice”. In 2018, under QLED technology, Samsung launched QLED 8K as top of the range (the 1st producer to sell this technology on the market, also in Romania). In 2020 the 8k sub-range is expanding with new models, under the ambition of uplifting QLED 8K category as upper mainstream - the objective of our launch campaign.
QLED 8k is without any doubt an expensive TV. The lowest priced model starts at euro 3,800. Its’ core target audiences, as per global Samsung TV category segmentation, is represented by High Net Work individuals (M/F, 30-54 y.o., medium& big urban, high education, HH Income >10k lei; interested in luxury, expensive tastes, movies, gaming, sports, fine dining), with 2020 models slightly expanding this niche audiences to halo audiences described under the One Step Ahead (buy latest technology, tech savvy) & Style Seeker (buy technology for lifestyle features, design oriented, TV is considered the masterpiece of their home) segments.
This high end audience was the most difficult challenge we were facing. From a media perspective, it is a hard-scaling and extremely expensive audience, if approach relies only on 3rd party data. At the same time, the TV category briefs were usually quite specific about the budget limitations, and this was not an exception - for obvious reasons, the very sexy and competitive smartphone category takes the highest share of the pie when it comes to marketing budgets.
Last, but not least, brief timing was June 2020, when people were just coming out of COVID lockdown, a context that put a lot of pressure on sales of luxury products.
In order to deliver on the objective assigned, we had to identify and implement innovative ways to capture premium audiences without paying a premium for it. Our approach was grounded on two main pillars, both leveraging the richness of smartphones initiatives:
1. leverage 1st party data managed for whole Samsung portfolio, by building specific audiences on data signals that showed interest in premium smartphones (interactions with other campaigns or website data signals, managed via the Adobe Audience Manager DMP)
2. expand the benefits and the exclusive ecosystem served from QLED 8K & premium Samsung smartphones, by riding the slipstream of the 2020 flagship launches
Even though the brief was only for the launch, we planned the audience strategy for all summer QLED initiatives, linked to the premium smartphone launches.
For Phase 1 (July-August), which was the launch of the new range, we pushed to media destinations audiences based on signals showing interest in S20, Note 20 and ZFlip launches (warm & hot audiences from the launch campaigns, where warm was defined as visiting product landing page, and hot audiences was defined by users that performed a micro-conversion or conversion, as per campaign mapping).
In Phase 2 (Sep), we focused 8k content democratization, linking the S20 8K content making features to QLED 8K content broadcasting, to appeal to the One Step Ahead halo audience. As the campaign mechanics focused on buyers receiving an S20 as a bundle offer upon 8k TV set purchase, we pushed audiences profiled using data signals that showed high interest in S20 (warm and hot audiences of S20 launch in March-April, with exclusion on buyers as per Samsung e-shop data signals and also exclusion of S20 owners as per platform targeting data), as well as users that showed interest in the product in Phase 1, but not converted.
As for Phase 3 (Oct), we used Frame, one specific QLED 8K models, and Note 20, to address design focused audiences, such as the Style Seeker halo audience profile. Considering that this campaign followed very quickly to the Note 20 launch campaign, the Note product was just offered with a discount, not as a bundle. For this leg, we targeted users interested in Note products (warm and hot Note 20 campaign audiences, website visitors interested in Note, and older Note models owners, as per platform targeting data).
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