General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Two years ago, Storia.ro, the real estate platform with the most classified ads in Romania, invented a local word for HYGGE. We brought this new concept closer to home and adapted it for the Romanian culture. Biniște is a combination of two Romanian words – one that means “good feeling” and another that means “silence” and together they can be defined as the quality of a moment or a space to inspire peace. The new word was voted by thousands of Romanians as the official translation for the Danish term hygge and the post-campaign reactions confirmed us that it was a word that we all needed in very uncertain times. The next challenge was to make it part of the Romanians’ vocabulary, and make people associate it even more with the brand that started this initiative.

If a 1000 miles journey starts with a step, then a book starts with a word, right? This was our thinking when we started to bring biniște to life and we ended up creating a lovely book defining the universe of biniște. Get ready to find out how this brand-new Romanian word turned into a book and how it entered popular culture.


The story of biniște starts back in 2020 when, due to the pandemic context, people started to feel trapped in their homes. The Romanian real estate classifieds platform Storia.ro saw an opportunity in this context to help people “rekindle the romance” with their own home in a fun and engaging way, while building a stronger brand footprint in consumers’ minds.

Without intending to shift the attention from the gravity of the global and local context, we decided to change perspective from a specific point of view: the time spent at home, which had the chance to become a quality time if we learned from those who mastered it, the Danes.

We wanted to make Storia.ro the brand that understands what homes should feel like by giving us the perfect word for it. To inspire Romanians to embrace the hygge state of mind, we named it and made it relevant for the Romanian culture. We named the campaign “Hygge la noi” which means “The Romanian hygge” and it was a mix of rich video content created by the brand and constant conversation with consumers.

10,000 Romanians participated in a survey aimed to define what makes a home
cozy. Jasper, a Danish expat persona who realized that he forgot to bring hygge in his life, invited Romanians to find out what made their houses cozy and comfortable. Almost 10,000 people completed the questionnaire and 3,000 people tried to invent a new word even though there was no contest or promotion reward for it.


Main objectives:
Brand awareness
Increase traffic on the platform & attract new visitors

1. Core target - 25-44 years old, singles & couples, living in urban areas, with high & medium income, looking to buy a house within the next year, and with a budget over 60K euro.

2. Secondary target - all Internet users, from 25-44 years old, living in urban areas, with high & medium income, that might consider the platform when in front of a real estate investment, in the future.
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