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Strategic approach: To rejuvenate Samsung local brand image among Gen Z we created #AllOut by Samsung, a communication platform that supports youngsters’ lifestyle, focused on their passions. We first focused on defining #AllOut, showing how it encompasses youngsters’ lifestyle and making it part of their conversations. Later, we developed diverse projects addressing different passions of Gen Z, integrated under the #AllOut umbrella.

Gen Z is the most stereotyped generation ever, tagged with superficial labels: staring at screens all day, lazy, consuming frivolous content, playing stupid games, having non-useful and futureless passions. Truth is, young people “passions” are NOT just hobbies, amusement occupations or activities to balance off work/ school time – as it is for the generations judging the Zeds.

Their passions are much more: they are defining who they are and what is their uniqueness. They consider themselves different from the rest of the world and choose brands that make them feel unique and understood.

This is a generation interested in knowing why the brand created the product and what value it can provide as an experience. The brands need to demonstrate they understand their lifestyle, interests, and challenges. It’s not about the superiority of the product anymore, but about how they identify with the messages and values of a brand.

#1 smartphone brand in Romania, Samsung was perceived by Gen Z as a smart brand, but old and no fun. The brand they were most attracted to? Apple, of course, the premium, distinctive, cool brand. Samsung communication campaigns revolve around top range smartphones that are communicated mainly through global product campaigns. These campaigns feature new specs and make them desirable for everyone, across cultures and ages. But for Gen Z, “what is for everybody isn’t for me”.

For Gen Z the brands they use are an expression of who they are. Samsung understood this and created during the last years several communicating campaigns dedicated to Gen Z. However, the projects for this specific target were not a continuous effort, but rather contextual and with very different messages. The brand image would fluctuate heavily during the year, with increases visible during dedicated campaigns, but also registered drops when the communication stopped.
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