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Strategic approach: In Romania, nearly 7 million Romanians play video games. Most play casually, but among them however, there is a growing community of nearly 600,000 young Romanian who identify as pro-gamers. The e-sports community is responsible for growing a 130.000.000 USD industry in Romania, an industry that grows with double digits yearly across several revenue streams: hardware, games, in-game purchases, streaming, e-sports competitions.

Therefore, for any tech brand, the e-sports community is the premium client-base, as most gamers appreciate performance and are willing pay good money to get it.

Samsung is the smartphone market leader – 1 in 2 smartphones sold in Romania are Samsung. This gives a huge advantage and a great responsibility at the same time – we want to engage with e-sports community and make it count on Samsung as a reliable brand for its success in the gaming world.
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