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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Imagine you are a betting brand and have an online casino with "exclusive games" available on your platform for a limited period. When they are no longer available on your platform, bettors can find them at one of your competitors for a limited time. That's the trick with Exclusive Games and the reality that Betano was facing.

The brand's challenge was finding a disruptive and attention-grabbing concept to promote its exclusive slots in the limited time for casino bettors.

The current casino market in Romania is very fragmented and highly competitive. A crowded and similar industry that focuses on transactional claims for their exclusive games.

We ask ourselves how Betano can stand out in a sea of sameness and use its exclusivities as leverage for the entire casino platform. It was clear to us that we needed a creative umbrella for the four exclusive games that Betano acquired.

We've crafted a hero video that sets the context and the characters, inviting bettors to join the Betano Multiverse of Exclusivities. While the rest of the episodes are each focused on specific exclusive games that Betano is promoting.
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