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Strategic approach: This story is about how Betano, a fully digital betting platform, used its technology and entertainment credentials to craft a distinctive and never-seen technology experience in the local market.

Like every year, we knew that the media would be overwhelmed with hundreds of holiday ads for Christmas and New Year's Eve. And when it comes to the gambling category, there is a lot more pressure. Every casino and betting enthusiast knows that this time of the year brings a lot of goodies and promo prizes for passionate players.

In this light, how could Betano succeed in owning Christmas and New Year's Eve in the digital environment?

To get completely out of the traditional holiday-specific advertising cluster, the brand has taken innovation to the next level and created a portal where people can teleport to visit the digital world of Betano holidays. Although the portal can be accessed like any Instagram filter, the experience was completely different.

Betano delivered an immersive experience that exceeded users' expectations by fostering the power of tech innovation. Furthermore, the results were beyond our expectations.

In a digital world that revolves between AI, AR, Metaverse, and many more, Betano, a betting platform always one step ahead in technology, capitalized on the new local functionalities of AR, allowing users to experience a never seen enhanced reality.

We have created an AR portal where people can teleport to visit the festive world of Betano. At its base, it was an Instagram &filter, but with the difference that users experienced an immersive environment with which they could interact.

Unlike the usual filters where users need to use the front camera of the phone, this time, they needed only the back camera to enter the filter. Then, users had to have a flat surface at their fingertips to access our portal.

The project was 100% focused on the digital area. We leverage the power of our social media channels (IG/FB/YT) to spread our AR portal and generate engagement among our users.
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