The challenge
The Household cleaning category is driven by price and promotions, highly generic and functional. Private labels started to gain market share, and the main players, like CIF, are in danger of losing leadership.
Millward Brown research in 2013 showed that CIF was losing relevance and not attracting new consumers. We needed to turnaround this trend, and decided to put the focus back on the product's quality.
We needed a strong emotional reason to maintain buyer loyalty and sustain brand value, CIF was in danger of leaving the road of success. Therefore, what we needed was to find a social & emotional tension strong enough to reconnect with the consumers.
The target audience
Mothers and parents (25-45), concerned about their kids wellbeing. Romanian mothers, over-protective, make sure that their kid is always pampered, whether is food, education or playtime. Mothers put their kids’ wellbeing first.

Romanian mothers are responsible and care a lot about having a clean house – a nest to protect and grow their kids. But what happens when the kids go outside, in the city? The most important thing is to be able to protect them from any kind of violence/danger.

According to an IMAS from 2012 verbal violence is one of the most pregnant acts of violence in the lives of people and of children most especially. Most of it happening on the streets: 65,3% or at school: 33,5%.

The walls are filled with negative, racist, obscene messages. Parents cannot protect their kids’ eyes. So even if their house is safe and clean, they cannot do much about the outside world.

Campaign period: 17 Feb – 30 Apr 2014
General Information:
Strategy: We were challenged to demonstrate the benefits of the product in a novel and bigger than life way. We needed to find a never seen before in the Romanian household cleaning category. Something up to the cultural and society level. Not only functional but also community sensitive.

We decided to open the debate for a cause that would help mothers have a safer environment for their kids. Mothers would like to protect their kids more, but how can they do it outside their houses controlled environment?

We came up with the local initiative which put the product's cleaning power into the service of the community:

The purpose of the campaign was to support raising and educating our children in a healthy environment, unpolluted by aggressive messages.
The idea was to make a bigger than life demonstration that CIF has cleaning excellence properties. Not only functional, but also related to the emotional communication that we wanted to portray.
In the second phase of the campaign, Cif tackled a very valuable insight: people born before the ‘90s did not have many options playing with kids and main playing scene and valuable memories are linked to the block of flats we lived in and played around: doll exchanges with best friends, hide and seek or even the first kiss in front of the flat’s door, they are all memories ringing emotional bells.
Cif invited people to revive their childhood memories when playing around the block of flats. By means of testimonials and social media they were telling their childhood stories and could sign in their block of flats address on to the cif.ro website, to be cleaned by Cif.
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