General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: 1. Context
Romania is a market where conventional tobacco is still the undisputed leader of tobacco market. Consumers associate FMC with more consumption moments & the healthier claims from THP has not been enough.

2. Challenge & Objectives
Our strategic process for setting up a campaign starts with clearly defining client’s objectives.
We focus on business challenges that will be further translated into media objectives.

In our case, the challenge was to increase market share in a very dynamic category, with an already established leader.

As for the objective, our goal was to maximize quality reach during campaign and measure the impact in business.
We went further and established clear media KPIs, such as:
- Viewability: aim for min. 70%
- CTR: 0.35% for premium formats
- Reach: 3.5 Mil. Users (during campaign period)

3. Approach
Due to legal limitation we are not able to use paid media on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok) or Google products.
Our focus is on direct display buying / websites and we have build a multi-layered approach that can work on multiple objectives, from awareness to consideration.

Through our strategic process we are putting together all essential elements for an efficient campaign:
1. Choosing the right channel mix
2. Clearly define metrics & KPIs (Viewability, CTR or Reach)
3. Format deployment strategy
4. Ongoing optimizations
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