General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Sports watching (and in Romania especially football watching) on TV is a key consumption occasion for salty/savory snacks. This makes it an important territory for Lay's to own and the main reason behind our sponsorship of UEFA Champions League.

The long term goal is to strengthen Lay's association with football and become part of our consumers' football-watching ritual (primarily for when they watch football at home on TV).

We pursue this goal by deploying every year a global UCL-related brand campaign which is then amplified by locally developed digital activations.

The specific objective of the local digital activation is to generate reach and engagement through a football-related digital campaign that is relevant and exciting for Romanian football fans in order for Lay's to convers new consumers from among this group.

Our ambition for the local digital activation within Lay’s yearly UCL 2022 campaign was to break away from the global campaign deployment kit, disrupt the conventional Social Media marketing approach and generate real engagement and value for Romanian football fans. We knew from the start we were looking for an innovative and tech-focused approach. We were looking for something exciting.

We segment the football (UCL) audience in 3 main types of Football Fans:
1) Tribesmen - these are the fanatical supporters who live and breathe football and have a love-team they support with all their hearts.
2) Soccer Socials – these are people who have a few favorite teams and players but none is tattooed on their heart. They love football but are mostly in it for the social connections and engagements it facilitates.
3) Fairweathers – these are football tourists who hop along the football train for the duration of big championships mostly in order not to miss out on all the hype. And then they go back to Netflix.

Of these 3 segments, Lay's has identified Soccer Socials as its core target football audience because it overlaps with Lay's general target – young, positive and highly social people for whom life is mostly about having fun together with friends and family.

The main objectives of this campaign were the following:
• Reach 3 Million unique users on YouTube out of a universe of 5.5 Million users on target (18-44 y.o.)
• 18 Million Impressions on YouTube
• +2pp Brand TOM
• +5 Brand Consideration
• +5% Net Sales vs. SPLY
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