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Strategic approach: In Romania, breast cancer is the main cause of mortality in women, this condition representing 16% of all deaths caused by cancer. At the same time, annually, over 1,800 women die from cervical cancer, placing our country in first place in terms of incidence and mortality associated with cervical cancer in the EU.

To address those issues, Medisprof Association launched the campaign: “By far, the most beautiful!” a powerful and emotional visual campaign based on 6 patients' stories who faced social exclusion because of the scars cancer left on their body. The fully integrated campaign featured a photoshoot, short films with the story of each protagonist, online banners and social media. The motivation of this campaign was to encourage social support for women fighting cancer in order to improve their quality of life and help them better cope with their condition.

In addition to fighting both the cancer and the side effects of the treatment, the quality of life of patients diagnosed with cancer is significantly reduced by the presence of perceived stigma. This is also because the symbols of femininity and beauty are closely related to the same physical characteristics affected by the fight against cancer: hair, breasts, skin. The patient’s experience during cancer treatment was similar across the board: “my body fell apart”, “my future is over”, “my heart is broken”.

Therefore, Romanian women with cancer are fighting on two fronts: with the disease and with the stigma associated with the loss of aspects traditionally associated with femininity: hair, breasts, skin, etc.

So we had a big goal: turning stigma into social support; turning the scars left by the cancer into a sign of victory.

Thus, on March 8th 2022 - International Women’s Day, Medisprof Association launched the campaign "By far, the most beautiful!", to show women that the fight against cancer does not make them less beautiful and they should focus on what truly matters: to beat cancer and feel how beautiful they are because of their courage and determination.
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