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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Movie watching is one of the key consumption moments for the potato chips. Therefore, one of the main objectives for Lay’s is to become the default snack for this occasion. In this context the brand aims to permanently strengthen its association with movies and launches periodical movie related campaigns.

Furthermore, Lay’s has successfully started building its image as an innovative brand through the global launch of the brand’s first NFT in the previous year in 2021, so we aimed to push the envelope through digital innovation.

In the early 2022, Lay’s launched its yearly Movie –themed campaign with the intention to further increase its association with movie-watching (vs same period last year, our previous Moviewatching campaign).

But the context was not favorable: right in the middle of our campaign on movies and fun times together, Europe descended into war in Ukraine, right on our doorstep. This was a time when people were fully immersed in the day to day issues and any branded content could easily appear tone-deaf. We reduced communication and had a standstill for weeks.

In the meantime, we realized that part of our audience was actively trying to escape reality: young high tech adopters, passionate about online gaming. Gaming content maintained its reach and pull, as they felt the need to unwind and keep a sense of normalcy.

On the other hand, Facebook had already changed its name to Meta and we were witnessing the exploding popularity of the Metaverse as the next frontier in digital. But the Metaverse was still an uncharted territory, with more and more platforms, so more brands were trying to make sense of it and figure out how to exploit it.

Our audience are the Digital Explorers: 16+ y.o., digital natives Gen Z and younger Millennials.
They are highly social, fun-loving and adventurous.
Their preferred pass time activities with friends are online gaming and movie watching. They also love to munch on something tasty in these moments so they’re looking for snacks with bold flavors and textures that are easy to consume.
Their goal is to make the most out of every experience and appreciate anything that’s unconventional and innovative.
Our young consumers are perfectly immersed in digital and have an ever increasing appetite for interactive virtual experiences.
Hence the Digital Explorers are enthusiastic about the Metaverse – a new exciting world that they only saw in movies and that now had become reality.
And this new interesting territory which was exploding in popularity in early 2022 was still unexplored by Romanian brands at that time.

The objective of the campaign was to become the first choice for this occasion by showing how Lay’s is a catalyst for a great movie watching experience, triggering real togetherness. We wanted to further increase the brand’s association with movie watching(vs same period last year, our previous Moviewatching campaign) and to increase TOM awareness with 2pp and Consideration with 1pp vs. pre-campaign period (Q4 2021).
For this campaign, the main media objectives were to deliver 5 Million impressions on YouTube and reach 2 Million unique users on YouTube out of an universe of 5.5 Million users on target (18 – 44 y.o.).
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