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We've noticed large shifts in the way brands create and consume content online. At the same time, there are specific challenges brands are facing, such as:
- Content Distribution
- Visitor Experience
- The hunt for viewability

How do we integrate content in programmatic advertising?
We knew from the beginning that standard display banners were not enough, so we created new unique formats that put the content forward.

How do we integrate influencer data?
We use the influencers’ audiences and combine them with granular information to achieve specific, relevant targeting.

How do we combine resources of 2 leading companies?
Ringier is the largest media company in Switzerland operating internationally (Europe, Africa, Asia) with over 120 newspapers and magazines, printing houses, various radio, TV channels and over 80 web and mobile platforms.

Flaminjoy is a Product Experience Platform for Social Commerce, that helps you build authentic product context and deliver it anywhere for growth. This marketing platform is all you need for building relevant and convincing experiences around your products.

We combined both resources in a no-code platform that allowed us to collaborate and iterate quickly.

So far more than 30 Social Display campaigns have been run. Overall results:
- 40M impressions
- 1.7M Clicks
- Avg CTR 4.4%, 10 times higher than the industry average
- Over 300 activated influencers
- Over 125.000 social interactions
- Brand Lift between 6%-9%

Normally, brands would choose a programmatic advertising solution using standard display content. This would provide results that were in line with what the industry could provide. The Social Display innovation took these results to a new level, by injecting already engaging content into the same display medium. This skyrocketed all metrics and provided a significant brand-lift, with a small amount of effort overall.

Social Display is an automated display advertising service that creatively and authentically integrates influencer-generated content for brands with publishing platforms, resulting in more than 10 times higher performance in programmatic advertising networks.

Using the technology developed by Flaminjoy & Ringier, the solution selects the right micro-influencers for a campaign based on a brief or audience profile and then collects content published by them related to a specific campaign or hashtag. The posts are automatically broken down into dozens or hundreds of creatives as special ads that have greater potential to generate sales. The social display materials are placed on the Ringier Romania websites, and the socio-demographic targeting is done using Piano data management, which allows for precise audience segmentation and the use of these audiences to optimize and personalize the content of the websites. This advanced targeting offered by the platform ensures maximum efficiency in reaching the right audiences.
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