General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Birra Moretti is a relatively new brand in the local market. In Romania since 2019, the brand is still building its positioning in the beer category. With equity closely tied to its place of origin - Italy, Birra Moretti's communication efforts go towards stabilizing the segment of Millennial consumers interested in premium beer. Thus, the brand's main objectives in 2022 are awareness and trial.

The brand's presence at Electric Castle is a perfect opportunity to get in front of the Millennial audience, increase brand favorability and provide a memorable experience, both before and during the festival. We also had 50 Electric Castle tickets to give away.

The objectives of the campaign were awareness & engagement - we wanted to reach as many people as possible in an authentic way and invite them to interact with the brand - both before and during the festival.

Because authenticity is the foundation of the Birra Moretti brand, it was important for us to find a promotional mechanic that would filter out the social media segments interested exclusively in promotions (aka ticket hunters). We wanted to offer Electric Castle tickets to the real community, to use the partnership as a way to grow the brand & strengthen the relationship with the audience.

Also, to capture the audience's attention, we needed to stand out among Electric Castle's myriad partner brands, which is becoming increasingly difficult in the overcrowded social media landscape. We were fighting for attention against hundreds of Electric Castle-related promotions and giveaways and needed to stand out in order to win.
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