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Romania is one of eight EU member states without a sexual health education strategy, this still being a taboo subject in schools while also having the highest teen pregnancy rate of any EU country. While men are the main condom shoppers (67%) spending less than 1 minute at the shelf, they usually end up buying a random condom, thus, we were tasked to challenge the convention “all condoms are the same”.


During 2020, in Romania, Durex was facing a worrying decline in sales. Main drawback to using condoms was the fact that these were seen as mood killers, reducing the pleasure. Our goal was to create a campaign highlighting the fact that, for a better protection and sexual experience, the condom must be the right fit for each individual.


We were tasked to challenge the convention “all condoms are the same”, delivering a 5% increase in Durex volume sales.


Even-tough Durex targets everybody who wants to have good sex, 2/3 of Romanians (67%) said they knew about birth control methods but didn’t use them. Locally, we were tackling 2 target groups:

• Teens & Young Adults (Tg. All 18-34): who are starting their sex life and should acquire the habit of using a condom

• Young Couples (Tg. All 18 -34 ): who are more experienced, but also more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases.

Teens & Young adults, the most important segment, simply do not receive the information they need, on the importance of safe sex, nor have an obvious forum for discussing the topic. According to research done by Unlock Research, 56 % of them do not discuss with their parents about any sexual topic and 60 % of the respondents had unprotected sex.

Since for 56% of 18–34-year-olds, their main way of discussing sex, was through friends/ joking with friends, but currently safety wasn’t a topic, we needed to step-in, driving attention on the importance of sexual protection.
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