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Strategic approach: 65% of Romanians do not like their jobs and declare they have no meaning in their work.

9 out of 10 high school children decide to apply for a University they do not want. They do so because their parents ask them to follow a specific study path to secure their jobs as adults.

But 4 out of 10 drop out from their first year of University because they realize that the jobs they are getting prepared for are not aligned with their identity and life plans.

So we are dealing with today's generation of professionals that do not have any passion for their work and they seem to be forcing the next generations to have the same blunt approach to work.

At the moment 76% of Romanians declare they had at least one episode of burnout in the past 5 years.

Working against your values, with no passion and out of a flow state is one strong factor for burnout.

Our NGO , Tineri Ambitiosi, has several projects through which we try to help future generations find their purpose in life & work.

Meserii cu Rost (Purposeful Work) is a campaign meant to remind youngsters and adults that there is more to work than just stress.

We interviewed 7 craftsman's & ladies about their craftmanship. After 20 hours of interviews we understood that there is a higher state of working.

There are native talents in all of us and it's our sacred duty to explore them through our work.

Discovering your purpose in work is the most fulfilling way to celebrate your native gifts!

We wanted to create a video that could bring parents and youth in front of the screen and have them all deeply connected for 18 minutes with our traditions, roots and Romanian beauty and "plant" the concept of purposeful work in 10 000 families from Romania.
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