General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: KAFUNE is a coffee brand launched four years ago by one of our major clients, La Fantana. As a newcomer on an already competitive market, it needed – and still needs - wide brand and product awareness.
The brand tagline of KAFUNE is “the FUN! coffee”.

As managers of KAFUNE’s Facebook page we had to adapt the brand communication to the “FUN! coffee” tagline.
At the same time, KAFUNE was launching a range of single-serve espresso pods for which Romanian language was not already having its own word.
Our double task was to spread the word about KAFUNE being “FUN” and disseminate the name we gave to the new product: “monodoza” (roughly translated as single-serve dose).

Our strategy - use Facebook as media and create an easily spreadable („viral”) discourse that would disseminate both the brand and the product using an universal language - humour.
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