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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Social is the next virtual storefront, is the re-humanizing factor of online commerce, enabling our customers to explore and purchase directly on social media. All platforms are aggressively evolving commerce to keep up with consumer needs and competitively launching commerce functions: social commerce is the future.

Online shopping increased during the pandemic, so this led to higher focus on Direct to Consumer as sales channel. So, this year, the share of sales to DTC was expected to significantly increase among all sales channels. However, Google Trends data showed that some of the non-essential products (like tech) decreased in search queries volumes, which impacts the delivery potential for ecommerce demand capture channels, where intent is expressed (as search is).

This places a higher pressure to profile users more likely to buy and find them on discovery commerce channels, such as social media. Moreover, the standard formats are starting to erode, ecommerce sellers are all communicating, and media clutter is high in social media. So, we aimed to stand out with our social shopping initiatives.

Since 2020 we started to focus our efforts by establishing our shops on Instagram and Facebook. For 2021, we have an integrated social commerce strategy with many tactics:
• special content meant to drive more traffic to shops: guides, shoppable posts product stickers on stories, IGTV shop buttons
• contextual Instagram Collections to increase the visibility of the shop
• product AR filters for consumers to discover the product in 360 before the purchase
• events for Live Shopping

Live shopping

Live shopping is about a video show, broadcasted live, online, on one of the most popular general websites, protv.ro, giving the consumers the option to access the products presented in the video and buy them online, during the live session.

Cabral and Neamțu have been introducing and presenting the products in an interactive and funny way, emphasizing the top features and the real-life benefits.

Unlock it Live

The live took place on Lora's Instagram account, where she has more than 1 million followers. Before the live, both Lora and Maximilian Ioan promoted the campaign and explained to their communities what the mechanism is.

The mechanics of the live was as follows: the more people entered live, the higher the final discount would be – the followers being the ones who could unlock various discount thresholds. During the lives’ peak, over 400 people were live simultaneously, which allowed "unlocking" the maximum discount #UnlockItLive (15% off), which could be used in the Samsung online store for five days.

During the live, in addition to establishing the premise of the game, the two met for the first time and had the opportunity to find out about each other, through games (for example, each asked 10 questions to each other and each had to answer in 2 minutes).

Break Your Records

The idea behind this campaign was that each record can be a step forward for a better and healthy life. We wanted to challenge our community to be proud of their everyday progresses and to challenge them to show it via stories, on Instagram. The prizes were Galaxy Watch4, the watch that helps people keep track of their health goals and Galaxy Buds, the perfect sport companion.

#SamsungBreakYourRecords was the official hashtag of the campaign, that we amplified through two influencers (focusing on fitness and healthy lifestyle): Lavinia Ioana – personal trainer & 5x European champion and Stefan Floroaica – former Exatlon contestant & sport content creator. They both shared their own records; each of them also talked about the product and how it helped them monitor their progresses and offered a discount code for their communities.

Samsung Galaxy A – TikTok campaign

Through this project, Samsung wanted to communicate with Gen Z through content created especially for young people and on a platform this audience spends time on – therefore we created a short video on TikTok. The strategy was to use the right channel and the right content for our target audience to show a product especially designed for this audience.
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