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Strategic approach: THE PROJECT, WHAT IS:

Hellmann’s Digital Cookbook is, as its name suggests, a digital collection that keeps growing of recipes created by foodies, inspired and brought together by Hellmann’s.


Surprised by the avalanche of organic content created with the help of our products, we started following the most talented foodies for over 6 month and collected, with their help, a series of easy to cook and super delicious recipes, that can even encourage newbies to go into the kitchen and start exploring real taste. After months and months of curating social media content, their ideas became our digital cook book.


We couldn’t find a better moment to launch the Digital Cookbook because during the pandemic we all became cooks, some of us were discovering our oven for the first time and most of us were just trying to occupy both our hands and our minds with something else aside the day’s grim news. The kitchen became a focal point, so in this context we took on the role of inspiring the community to experiment more.

The idea of the project was brought on by a unique mix of circumstances: people cooking more at home, content creators getting more and more inspired by what Hellmann’s sauces can do and also the growing popularity of digital cookbooks. The creative solution is a recipe collection that grows together with the Hellmann’s community, an infinite scroll in the search of good taste.


1. Budget: almost 0 budget for paid partnerships, so we had to convince foodies from Instagram to get featured, sometimes create and sign recipes and finally become part of our Digital Cook Book.

2. Usage rights: most of the content was already produced, so it was very hard to negotiate with micro, nano and medium food influencers to get featured and to assign the copyright (all rights for all mediums) to a big brand like Hellmann's.

3. Curating & timelines implementation: keeping an eye on different Instagram accounts and content produced in 6 months, monitoring every day mentions and creative content published by others in their feed, was not an easy job to be done. Neither selecting recipes, rewriting them with the help of influencers, and finally publish a cook book, the implementation took us 1 year.


1. Create a project in collaboration / with the help of our social media community: fans, followers, real foodies.

2. Generate creative content that spreads with almost 0 budget for collaborations.

3. Generate WOM before & after official launching.

4. Create a small crowd of enthusiastic foodies who are open to work with us on different projects.

5. Increase the number of mentions on Instagram with 0 budget for media amplification and paid partnerships in order to tagged or featured .


During 6 month of monitoring and without a budget for content creators, we were amazed by the hundreds of mentions we received on Hellmann’s Instagram page. People were getting inspired by Hellmann’s and created their own recipes with a twist, in a spontaneous way.

First step: monitoring content.
Second: curating content.
Third: approaching food influencers and proposing our idea, create a Digital CookBook together.
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