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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: CONTEXT
Samsung is the leading brand in smartphones category, in Romania. However, its user base is getting older while younger people are more attracted to Apple. This needs to be addressed with every campaign and project that builds desirability for Samsung. At the time of our campaign, key brand indicators such as awareness & consideration were also on a decreasing trend among teens.
By the end of Q1 & Q2 2020, Samsung had obtained its lowest historical scores for “A brand for young people”.

Samsung had to refresh its image and become more relevant for young people, by leveraging its local impact: creating dedicated local content and actions with Gen Z as main audience.

Samsung Galaxy S21 had just launched on the international platform “The phone that makes everyday epic”, with photo and especially video camera & screen quality as hero features. Samsung decided to use this flagship product to revitalize the brand among Gen Z audience. Inject some energy back into the brand so Gen Z would no longer skip ad and tune in.

Connect Gen Z with the brand:
• Reach at least 80% of the total of 3.5 Million Gen Z universe
• Achieve at least 6 Million views of campaign videos
• Generate at least 50.000 landing page visits
• Achieve at least 700 entries in the competition (benchmark: this was the number of entries in the previous activation for Gen Z Samsung did)

Grow the brand and product appeal for Gen Z:
Increase with min 5pp on following KPIs:
• Awareness of Samsung Galaxy S21 among young people (40% at the start of campaign)
• Consideration of Samsung Galaxy S21 among young people (28% at the start of campaign)
• Increase association with Youthful Brand attribute (70% at the start of campaign)

Our audience were the young, urban Gen Z and Millennials (16-30 y.o.).
Focus on Gen Z aged 16-24, digital natives, who simply don’t know the world without advanced smartphones in it.
As such, they are not easily impressed by new releases. Creatives by nature, Gen Z are mostly interested in the camera capabilities followed by screen (Kantar Q2 ‘20). Online video reviews are particularly influential for Gen Z, especially for 16-20 y.o., both as a source of information and as an acquisition driver. (Kantar Q2 ‘20).

Meanwhile, as you might guess by now, campaigns that focus only on tech superiority are skippable for Gen Z. They are not only interested in features / techs & specs, but rather in WHY the brand created the product, what value and experience it provides. For them, the phone is a way to connect to friends and to the world (GMC/EO CMI analysis on Gen Z, 2021) and express themselves.

On top, all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic affects Gen Z in a deeper way than we could imagine. They were not used to facing big difficulties. Since they were in their formative years, they needed to experiment and live differently every day (https://www.zf.ro/profesii/business-magazin-prima-data-generatia-z-confrunta-criza-economica-19254303).
Instead, they found themselves in a prolonged Groundhog Day. The dominant emotion was boredom (AMBER study – Impact of Gen Z on the gaming market, March 2021), brought by routine & mundane tasks, uneventful days, all the same, one after another… Everything they have been waiting for has been cancelled or postponed. This is the source of increased anxiety.

If we were to become cool and aspirational for this audience, we had to walk the talk. Don’t just say that S21 makes everyday epic. Prove it. Make them notice and feel the EPIC in the everyday. Insert EPIC where it’s most needed these days and enable them to express their own take on EPIC.
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