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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Context:
Gas and electricity prices for Romanian households, which had remained on the regulated market, were gradually liberalized at the end of 2020 and in 2021. As part of the European Green Deal, the energy liberalization in Romania came at a moment when the EU set a target to become the world’s first climate-neutral union of countries by 2050.

Household customers found it hard to understand the concept of free-market and shift their behaviours in a limited amount of time. According to Enel’s community management across social media channels, many Romanians were not familiarized with the difference between generation, distribution, and supply of electricity.

The liberalization process became a very hot topic, with questionable issues towards the brand. The input of media and fake news brought confusion and misunderstandings in the consumers’ mind as they received mixed messages from various fields like the press, social media, authorities, and vocal customers. The need for relevant information was great also in Enel’s own social media channels, which started to fill with fake news, irrelevant comments and negative views towards the company.

Strategic approach + idea:
We developed an integrated business strategy that would focus on delivering consumers relevant educational content about the free electricity market and its features. Transparency was the key in our communication, especially when there is a need to generate positive impact and relevant customer care for over 3 million existing clients and target new clients.
The real human insight behind the creative solution was the fact that studies like Edelman Trust Study shows clearly people do not see companies as trustworthy and transparent. Therefore, we brought real people to the front & center for the creative executions: real Enel employees and influencers, who both have better ability to relay the message to the consumers than any corporate sounding messaging.

Totul despre Liberalizare was mostly an awareness campaign split between owned video content and influencer generated content, describing the process of renewing, or changing the energy supply contract on the free market. By adopting extensive collabs with influencers standing for several consumer profiles the main objective was to raise awareness on the process of either renewing the Enel contract or switching to Enel for energy supply services, as well as the overall experience of an Enel client.

Our digital strategy framework had two major objectives: to improve awareness through education on liberalization and to showcase Enel as the best choice in products and services. Communication milestones were stretched on four major waves, three of them happening in the January-September outline. The main digital channels used for dissemination were social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube), a dedicated blog section on www.enel.ro, press releases, influencers campaign and gamification through a quiz on our website.
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