General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Christmas is a time of togetherness, optimism, joy, and one of the most important collective holidays in Romania.

Like every year, soft drinks are one of the key categories that portray the idyllic image of Christmas. Surely you remember “Holidays Are Coming”, the iconic Coca-Cola ad which we all grew up with. The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck has been proven to add sparkle and delight to families and kids over the years, being globally declared the most loved ad.

But this ideal representation had nothing to do with Pepsi’s audience, GEN Z, a generation which represents a new attitude, a new way of understanding the world by embracing imperfections and celebrating authenticity.

To make matters worse, just imagine how hard it would be for Pepsi to win over this non-bullshit audience in a pandemic year which gave everyone a low mood.

Challenge: How could Pepsi ignite a relevant and attention-grabbing winter holiday video content that will win over GEN Z?

Perceptual Objectives:
1. Own the 2020 Winter Holiday Conversation on social media
Our goal: own the share of voice of Winter Holiday conversation on social media versus Coca-Cola.

2. Visibility
Our goal: was to deliver Pepsi's brand messages to all Romanian Gen Z'ers on social media, an universe which made up of 2.9 million social media active accounts.

3. Engagement
Our goal: surpassed the TikTok Hashtag Challenge Page benchmarks for user generated Video Content: 130.000 videos.

Strategic Approach
Pepsi encouraged GEN Z to find celebration even in the most imperfect moments.
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