General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: In Romania, Dove Men+ Care is perceived as a popular & feminine brand, which doesn’t speak about masculinity. We’re dealing with a lack of emotional connection with consumers, that see the brand as distant & unfamiliar.

Our key challenge
Bearing in mind the local absence of masculinity credential for the brand, how can Dove Men+Care ignite a relevant and attention-grabbing content that understands the realities & challenges of Romanian Modern Men?

Business Goal
Increase sales to get Dove Men+Care into Modern Men’s grooming repertoire. We aimed to achieve a 13% Market Share by the end of the campaign (+1 Market Share point);

Engagement Goal
Put Dove Men+Care on the radars of Modern Men - generate WOM and reach 50% of our core audience on Facebook.

Community Goal
Grow the YouTube Subscribers base with 20%.

Strategic Approach
Dove Men+Care needed to find a clever way to join the conversation, disarm men and provoke some thoughts about the changing realities and challenges of the Modern Man.
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