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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: TUC may look like a simple cracker, but it offers so much more. Summer of 2021 came with a new positioning for TUC: “Take a bite spark the fun” is about all those small everyday moments that can become memorable only by adding a special touch of fun.

Our challenge was to make the most of TUC’s summer National Consumer Promo to drive awareness for the brand’s new positioning amongst millennials, in the time of the pandemic, when people’s visits to supermarkets had declined.

We needed to stay close to the new positioning concept and decline it to serve an in-store promo campaign for several participant stores. Our data showed though, that each store has a different customer profile, so it added an additional curveball to the national promo campaign.

To reach our core target, we needed to get the message through not only in stores, but massively on social media to cover the target audience.
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