General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Context
Winter 2020-2021 was a gloomy season as Romanians were right in between wave two and wave three of the Covid Pandemics. At this time as consumer behaviour changed into people going less frequently to supermarkets, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) brands were competing for a digital share of voice to communicate national promotions that were not visible in stores anymore.

Marketing challenge
In this time of uncertainty, sorrow and adopting into the ‘new normal, we wanted to craft an empathetic presence to Milka’s Instagram account. An approach that would bring a pinch of Milka tenderness to the platform, encouraging users to emotionally engage with the brand and support the local struggling creators community.

User-generated content is something that brands rarely do anymore. It was extremely popular at the beginning of 2010, but due to sometimes its problematic nature, and decreasing engagement from people, it slowly had died down as a format.

We had previously, in 2020, worked with local artists to produce the

“Real Cows of Milka” IMC (Integrated Marketing Campaigns, including physical store presence) campaign. The return in terms of reach, engagement and entries were overwhelming. We knew that we could recreate the phenomenon and reach our objectives, this time without the support of an integrated brand campaign.

Objectives were to

• Drive awareness for the brand’s core attribute – tenderness – and set the tone for Milka’s new positioning, upcoming in 2021 - Tender tastes better.
• Engage the creators` community on Instagram and unlock new acts of tenderness
• Discover new talents that would help us create user-generated visuals for our Xmas 2021 campaign

Our core audience was formed of 18–35-year-old Instagram creators with an extended audience of 18–55-year-old Instagram users.

We measured our results in overall reach and contest entries.

Budget split:
In terms of budget, 52% of it was used for the Instagram component, 35% for the influencer support, and 13% for a partnership with IQads.
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