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Strategic approach: The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 raised the awareness of personal hygiene in Romania and led consumers to take extra precautionary measures to protect themselves against the virus. Despite not all advice on social media being correct or scientifically proven, many consumers started taking measures that they witnessed online. For example, some Romanians started frequently using products with high alcohol content. As such, mouthwashes/dental rinses registered an outstanding performance in 2020, as they are considered to have disinfectant benefits.
The pandemic did not result in a decline in sales for the overall category in 2020 as it did for many other beauty and personal care categories, however, the overall growth rate in 2020 was notably slower than in the previous year. Whilst a larger proportion of people are starting to get more educated about the importance of proper oral hygiene, there are still Romanians who only take care of their oral hygiene when they are likely to see other people. Given the extended time consumers spent at home in 2020, they had fewer social interactions and therefore had less incentive to maintain their oral hygiene, slowing the category growth.
E-commerce, which had an outstanding performance in 2020, continues to expand from its small base, with more players increasingly offering their products online. The pandemic forced in-store retailers to offer home deliveries and led many consumers to becoming accustomed to this service. The habit of online shopping for oral care products is expected to continue to grow and will be particularly driven by electric toothbrushes and niche products such as organic toothpaste or ecological toothbrushes.
OralB has the challenge of increasing penetration of electric toothbrushes with the launch of its Oral-B-IO, an innovative product which allows cleaning teeth at home as in a dentist’s appointment.
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