General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Context:
The pandemic changed our daily routine and isolation made even the least digitized Romanians move into the online environment. In Romania, the digitalization process of banking services has only just begun, and it was a big step for customers to move to digital service practically overnight .

CardAvataj, the first card that enables payments by interest-free instalments, has been a strong brand for years, but once with the pandemic and a lot of banking players communicating more online than before, their #1 position was threatened.
Credit Europe Bank wanted to grow the awareness of CardAvantaj especially before the shopping season of Q4 inf 2021 and increase the number of leads.
Strategic goals for the campaign were two-fold:
1. Brand awareness for CardAvantaj credit card
2. Lead generation as a secondary objective - increasing the Top of Mind positioning and demonstrating the contribution of the awareness strategy on increasing the performance of the Google search lead generation campaigns in terms of the number of leads, also lowering the CPL, Cost Per Lead.

Strategic Approach:
In our approach, we clearly saw the need for an omnichannel strategy due to the immense competitive pressure.
We crafted a very aggressive mix of platforms, types of ads, formats, audiences, bidding strategies and placements considering the overlap with other communication channels such as e-mail marketing, direct deals with various suppliers and for example telemarketing.
The budget for ongoing search campaigns remained unchanged but we expected the results to improve especially on the branded search campaigns.
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