Description: Opel is one of Europe’s largest automakers. Opel is conducting the largest product offensive in its history and will introduce 23 new vehicles and 13 new engines by 2016.
Brief: Ideate, design and develop a digital campaign that will generate strong sale leads on the Romanian market for Opel Cars (Astra, Corsa, and Insignia). In short, our challenge was to get the key people to the showroom and test-drive the Opel models.
General Information:
Strategy: Idea: Reinvent the selling process: get the showroom to the key people.

The strategy of the campaign was to make second-hand car buyers reconsider the benefits of new car. Our first objective was to generate test-drives with Opel cars. As a second goal we needed to fight negative experiences, indecision and laziness.

// Who? - We focused on car owners who craved at a new car, but who would not get out of their comfort zone too soon. They like to look, admire, day-dream, but it was difficult to get them actually do something, visit a showroom or apply for a test-drive.
Consumer Insight: The thing that all car owners love, regardless of type, model or manufacturing date, is the smell of a new car: it ranks among top 3 key things owners would like to keep in their cars for as long as possible. (Cristian Manafu was saying in a blog post: “Imi place mirosul unei masini noi. Imi place mirosul unei camere de hotel bune. Imi place mirosul ziarelor si revistelor.” (I like the smell of a new car. I like the smell of a good hotel room. I like the smell of newspapers and magazines) - bit.ly/Mqq7uA

// Where? - Relevant leads from specific geo-locations were selected from the subscribed users

// How? – If our target was too passive to actually go to an Opel showroom, our Opel dealers brought the cars to them: we visited SH car owners with new Opel models at home and at their working place.

// When? – The campaign has run during July – September 2013
Strategic guidelines:

// Memorable - Potential buyers did not expect to get the Opel showroom at their house. Brand love at very high level

// Unique - The activity itself was a new way to interact with the Opel brand.

// Large impact - The key persons were not the only ones affected by the action. Neighbors, friends, pedestrians and Facebook fans had also enjoyed the experience, thus helping us earn free exposure and WoM.

// Personal – The potential buyer was in focus. He felt special, pampered, and important. Time spent with the car increased. We managed to fight indecision.
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