General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Context:
Mastercard rolled out the most important campaign of 2021 in the form of a National Consumer Promotion. The promotion has based its concept on "living the new normal as a priceless experience" despite the global pandemic. To underline this communication concept the Promotion was based on encouraging people to enter to win a very appealing Tesla Model 3 and many other prizes.

Business Challenge:
The business challenge tackled by the campaign was increasing the usage of card payments in a market where attracting new prospects and generating higher card payment frequency is increasingly difficult.
Campaign Objective:

To make this truly challenging the client set the bar high: they wanted that the 2021 National Consumer Promo to outperform the 2020 National Consumer Promo, which was the most successful promotion run by Mastercard in the past 5 years.
Also, to make this even far more challenging the 2021 NCP did not receive a TVC, therefore we couldn’t count on TV, the medium with the fastest reach building potential, a crucial asset in every NCP.

Number of entries in the Promotion.

We knew from the briefing stage that to achieve the ambitious results we needed to add a game-changer to the classical media plans and generate an innovative special project that would be a game-changer through innovative thinking.
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