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Strategic approach: In Romania, 70% of women and girls publish on their social media accounts just the pictures they consider ‘perfect’. At the same time, 80% of girls wished that people around them would focus more on who they are and less on their looks (*Dove-Ipsos February 2021, 600 respondents).

In a context in which social media is used by 68% of internet users in Romania (number 1 in Digital Activity, eMarketer October 2019) - social media pressure affects confidence levels of young girls. On average, until the age of 11, Romanian girls have already used a filter which changes their own appearance in photographs.

After 25 years of advocating for real beauty, Dove starts to talk about adolescents' confidence in their own beauty. In the era of social media and selfies, Dove launches an educational program aimed at parents, children and activists to fight confidence problems caused by social media.
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