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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: While in 2019 4 out 10 Romanians were already buying gifts online (Agency research,
Romanian's Christmas, December 2019), with an e-commerce category seeing an +35% value growth and rising from 7 to 10% overall retail sales in 2020 (Euromonitor, 2020), the ratio was bound to increase for Christmas 2020. Because of the lockdown, the 2020 Christmas shopping experience moved online, and eMAG, as the top ecommerce player in Romania, was the official "giftshop". But the Christmas gifting experience is more than just gifts.
Experiences still matter to Romanians when it comes to gift-shopping.: 81% of them were missing from shopping the chance to spend time with friends and family (Agency global consumer research, WEKNOW Shoppers 2020). Because of the pandemic the beloved Christmas experience was under threat.
eMAG's challenge was to be more than the provider of joy through Christmas gifts, but also to enhance the gifting experience to keep the beloved Christmas traditions alive. All through an impactful brand experience which would evoke a powerful emotional response. eMAG set out to deliver a high-quality content or experience. And then reach&engage as many consumers as possible within a short (8 days) timeframe.
To save Christmas, eMAG needed to save the Santa experience. The brand set out to
bring a little magic to both Santas who couldn't perform and to the children who couldn't
meet Santa in real life.
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