General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Context & challenge

BETANO is a leading international online betting operator, which offers a wide range of games, for all genres and preferences. With the introduction of new games in its app, BETANO aimed to engage existing clients and attract new customers and change people’s perception that online casinos are all about the classic games – no thrill, no entertainment, not so many entertainment options for the user. People used to think casino games are not that interesting, that games do not change or that new games have complicated mechanisms. Therefore, it was a great opportunity for the brand to deconstruct all these preconceptions, while offering a glimpse into the immersive world of online casino. And we did so through the „Press play, the game starts now” digital & influencer-driven campaign that was innovative for its approach and technology used.

Campaign Objectives

- Raise awareness on the diversity of online casino slots at BETANO
- Create engaging content, in line with the brand’s positioning as an entertainment brand
- Engage existing and potential users and present them the wide range of online games, together with how to play steps
- Increase users’ activity on selected games from the BETANO casino platform.

Approach: Research & Planning

The campaign planning started from analyzing the users’ preferences and barriers related to casino games. We found out that people play online games for entertainment, the thrills of the game and instant gratification. At the same time, we found that users rely on key role models in order to further trust a certain platform. This extensive research, together with the opportunity to change people’s perception on online casino, led us to the conclusion that we needed to enhance the perspective of entertainment through a creative approach, addressing both the issues and the reasons why people play online games.

As BETANO is a premium and innovative brand, the campaign strategy was based on identifying and capitalizing on the perspective of entertainment in a manner powerful enough to create first-person experiences that would raise awareness, increase brand favorability and build on consumers’ preferences. We therefore devised a campaign based on a winning combo: the charisma of influencers and their powerful voices meant to attract and keep people close to the brand, rewards to hook the targeted audiences and offer them gratification, combined with awe-inspiring, dinamic content meant to introduce BETANO’s definition of entertainment.

To have an impactful and successful campaign, several tactics were brought to the mix:
- Emphasize and reinforce the brand’s position on the market as a pioneer and as a premium provider of quality online entertainment;
- Identify KOLs to deliver the brand and the campaign key messages, to inspire their audiences, stir curiosity and generate great online exposure;
- Create and provide high-quality entertainment in line with the brand’s mission to deliver entertainment through its online casino product;
- Engage communities and reward them for their trust into choosing BETANO products.
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