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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: YOXO is one of the most innovative telecom products on the market, launched by Orange Romania in 2020. It is a 100% digital telecom subscription meant to change the way we see the traditional contractual relationship with a telecommunications provider - with YOXO, users get a postpaid type of service with no contractual limits, re-configurable each month and with the possibility to cancel the service whenever the user wants without penalties whatsoever.

Strategic approach

Our biggest business challenge was to help YOXO overcome the barrier of adoption for a product that is “hard” to understand due to innovation and rules breaking approach and to ease users in the onboarding process.

Basically, with YOXO there is no need for a trip to the offline store and no actual person to assist the customer. To activate the service, the user has to download the app, get through the onboarding steps on his phone, choose his monthly plan and receive his SIM card by mail or install it with eSIM technology.

A service like YOXO is bound to rely on a marketing approach that uses market insights and behavioural patterns to constantly inform decision-making and strategy.
The onboarding process turned out to be the main challenge when tackling the marketing channel.

Hence, our primary objective was to scale-up user acquisition by investing in media performance in the most efficient way possible for YOXO: by meeting prospective clients at the perfect time for them, informing them and guiding them through the activation funnel.

And doing that meant an in-depth look at multiple sets of real-time data, analysed and interpreted into actionable insights.

Data-wise, the main challenge we faced was to understand the intrinsic story YOXO's data-sets tell, in order to validate strategic points and define future performance marketing steps. More exactly, we wanted to make sure we are not being blind-sided when looking at YOXO's data.
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