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Strategic approach: Putting a new product in the spotlight in a crowded and high expectations market is perhaps one of the most exciting, complex and difficult tasks marketers can engage in. Furthermore, when the pandemic adds a layer of uncertainty and a burning need to adapt almost in real time, the nuances of the challenge become even less subtle. The same happened with Orange’s 100% digital telecom subscription, YOXO.

Inspired by recent business models from other industries with powerful apps Revolut, Uber or Airbnb, YOXO gave full control to its customers through a mobile application: the client can cancel the subscription at any time, there are no contractual obligations and the price-plan is modifiable monthly.

YOXO has a unique customer-centric approach that challenges the traditional prepaid-postpaid telecom landscape.
Accessed via an app, it uses a prepaid model but is actually subscription based and also adaptable. Market-wise, this presents a challenge derived from a lack of awareness and understanding towards the service, in a market that has been almost forever defined by classical models - prepaid and postpaid.
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