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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: The frozen foods category lacks enough consumer information about the benefits and advantages of choosing them. But a market leader always knows how to transform a challenge into an opportunity, and Edenia Foods proved this with its 2019 campaign – Eduard, the urban farmer. But the education process isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a process in which good results should be replicated year by year in order to change perceptions for good. So, we went to the next level. Our main objective was to further consolidate Edenia brand leadership by educating the public not only about frozen vegetables (like we did last year) but also about the benefits of frozen food in general!

There are a lot of consumption barriers in Romania regarding frozen foods, which are based on false perceptions. We needed to make people actually hear and learn the true benefits of frozen foods.

Therefore we opted for EDUTAINMENT (education by entertainment) to help our messages get through and inspire people to live better and healthier through smart and simple choices by Edenia.
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