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Strategic approach: Context: Romanians tend to think of insurance as throwing money out the window. They tend to underestimate the importance of being insured against potential risks. In order to increase public awareness regarding insurance, UNSAR (The National Union of Insurance and Re-insurance Companies in Romania) is constantly developing education campaigns. They also conduct studies with IRES, in order to better understand and adapt to people’s needs in terms of insurances. According to the last such study, out May of 2020, most Romanians are better informed, with over 61% (+11% from 2019 edition) of respondents providing answers that support this statement. But there is a need for more information especially in current context, when the pandemics made people more aware on the risks to which they expose themselves on their daily lives. The studies show that among biggest fears, when it comes to risks, Romanians acknowledge: fire, sickness, auto crashes, thefts and natural disasters.

Audience: There is a general belief that these bad things cannot happen to me or I am too young to think of this. The pandemic came as a shock, a reality check that made everyone more aware. But people still don’t know what the entire range of insurance products can do.

Objective: Get people talking about different types of insurance. Reframe the way in which Romanians look at these products.
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