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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: In the context of a growing eCommerce industry with the pandemic background as a fuel to the fire, the company launched an innovative product on the market to make it easier for consumers to order water at home without having to worry about refills, plastic pollution or transportation efforts. The new subscription system and the product itself (the new bottle) were a challenge to push towards a constantly changing target in terms of buying behaviour.

In the digital media, the benefits of this product had to be conveyed in a simple, straight forward manner to reach buyer personas from all social groups, ages and digital knowledge levels.

Thus, the message from the TV campaign had to be adapted to digital media and manage to:
- keep a connection between TV and online through the key character of the Ad (Antonia) by keeping her present on all banners that targeted new users
- clearly explain the selling points of the product and make it easy for users to understand and appreciate the low cost of the service, the long term advantage of the use of the product and the marketing message as well
- sell a target volume of new subscriptions through the online shop magazin.lafantana.ro (winner of GPeC competition in its respective category)
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