General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Starting April 12th of 2021, the Fragedo brand started a new communication campaign focusing on renewing their connection with younger audiences as well as establishing a stronger connection with their traditional buyer persona. The video created by On The Roof for the new TV campaign had to be translated into digital assets in order to raise the overall online engagement of the brand and visibility.

The message was meant to target specific buyer persona segments through visual representations of each segment:
- the at home cook (female, 25 - 50 years old, urban, traditional values, family focused)
- the grill aficionado (male, 25 - 50 years old, urban, corporate/early technology adopters, creative jobs)
- professional chefs or aspiring home cookers (focused on more complex recipes, willing to try new and international recipes)

For each segment we implemented dedicated targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads Display, Youtube Ads by creating placement specific visuals. Social media content was also adapted to the new brand message. The integrated communication was structured with two main key objectives:

- website traffic growth
- social media reach & engagement
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