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Strategic approach: Doritos isn’t just a tortilla chip. It’s the “snack for the bold”. The brand glorifies those who discover their audacity, who are brave enough to live their lives to the fullest.

While gaming is an important part of culture, it is also an important moment of consumption for salty snacks. That’s why, in Romania, one of Doritos' long term goals is to be considered the default snacking companion while gaming.

In July 2020, Doritos launched “3 Doritos Later”, a global TV campaign that focuses on the Doritos effect - Doritos is the “bold factor” and eating it is the trigger to be yourself and do the most daring things you can imagine. Our challenge was to develop a local digital activation that would increase the impact and improve the local relevancy for the global “3 Doritos Later” concept.

Our target audience are Casual Social Gamers, 18-34 y.o. gaming enthusiasts and snacks lovers. They are not hard core, they are not addicted, they are not terribly good at it, they just need and love the instant stimulation that gaming provides.

The objective was to reach and engage our audience in order to improve brand salience and strengthen the connection between Doritos and gaming occasion. With this campaign we aimed to generate at least 1 M views.

Our idea was simple yet challenging: what if we turned advertising into gaming? What if everyone could have fun with Doritos like the guys in the TV spot? What if we could develop a digital campaign that leverages the popularity of gaming while turning a passive but fun brand experience (advertising) into one that is active and even more fun (gaming)?
The Big Idea: Gamifying the TVC narrative to create a more engaging, interactive, local brand activation.
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