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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Rather than bidding in Google Ads for searches that are too general and do not bring immediate return on investment, we decided to take a Content Marketing approach and invest in AJUSTO blog, a blog dedicated to interior decorations and practical information in the home & garden field.

We were confronted with a B2C project that has B2B characteristics. Namely, Ajusto offers home improvement and interior design services to end consumers (both individual and legal entities) with a unique selling proposition regarding the quality of work and the verified workers.

In a market that sells these kinds of services with a focus on prices, our strategic approach was to establish authority in terms of know-how and approach. Each worker in the Ajusto platform is verified, offers preferential and proven payment methods and is knowledgeable about home improvement issues. Thus, the content created was designed to do just that: showcase the kind of approach that would be reflected in the end consumer's experience.
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