General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: What was the overall context?

Gaming, as a hobby, attracts millions of passionate young people striving to outperform and achieve recognition.
World gaming championships have become an essential stage in the development of gamers everywhere.
What about time?
Performance is achieved with a constant investment of time.
To support the lifestyle and training requirements of gamers, Campofrio launches Active Snack, a bar rich in protein that is easy to enjoy in any context.

What was the strategic business and marketing challenge?
Positioning a healthy and tasty snack among the choices of young gaming enthusiasts.

Who was the target audience?

Teenagers, 12-19 years old, passionate about gaming.

What were the creative and media strategies?

We have integrated product promotion and availability in the Glovo shopping application.
We developed a game, available on the official website of the Campofrio brand, in order to promote a new category of products. The mechanics of the game involved purchasing products for a point boost. Stake: The player with the most points wins a prize by exercising their passion.

What were the overall campaign objectives based on the situation outlined?

Objectives pursued:
Consumer retention
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