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Strategic approach: Lay’s is the leader in Potato Chips segment in Romania. Its top position is due, in large part, to the brand’s long term and successful effort to claim and leverage moments of shared consumption.

Lay’s key values are “joy”, “smiles”, “share” and “family” and there are few moments that resonate more strongly with those values than Christmas. During the festive season, there is a special atmosphere when everyone feels grateful, emotional and more willing to say “I love you”. It is the perfect occasion to spread love and to enjoy fun times and goodies together. For a love brand like Lay’s this represents a great opportunity to strengthen emotional connection with its audience.

However, almost all brands and especially big ones compete for a “share of heart” on Christmas. And they all do it trying to leverage the same types of emotions that are generally known as “Christmas spirit”.
The difficulty, the way we saw it, was not so much in what to say – after all there is only one main message during Christmas and that is “love” – but rather how to say it in a way that would catch our consumers’ attention, stir their interest, engage them and capture “share of heart” without which any Christmas campaign is pointless.

Lay’s mission is to always bring smiles to people’s faces and enjoy fun times together. And December 2020 was the time to live up to this promise not only in true Christmas spirit but also in up-to-date style.

Lay’s Core Target Audience are 18-35 y.o. both men and women, upper education and income, mostly from urban environments. They are best defined by their mindset and values: they are optimistic fun-seekers who like to share bright moments with family and friends. Our guys and girls are sociable, sunny, energetic and sensorial. They also tend to be warm, emotional and sensitive. They’re the ones who are not shy to use the words “I love you” with those they do love. They need constant human connections and, for their generation, that is something they get with equal ease both through direct contact and through technology. They’re the ones who are not shy to use the “love” emoticons with those they do love.
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