General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Lay’s is the leader in Potato Chips segment in Romania due to the brand’s long term and successful effort to claim and leverage moments of shared consumption, such as movie watching.
Therefore, the brand has a long term objective of becoming the default snack for this occasion. To achieve this, Lay’s is always looking for opportunities to enhance the movie-watching experience and position itself as the ideal partner for watching film.
With this campaign we aimed to strengthen the connection between Lay's and in-home movie watching occasion, to reach our audience and deliver a high level of engagement, in order to improve brand awareness and boost sales.

Lay’s Core Target Audience are 18-35 y.o. both men and women, upper education and income, mostly from urban environments. They are best defined by their mindset: they are sociable, optimistic fun-seekers who like to spend plenty of time with family and friends. Our audience is passionate about watching movies, especially at home. This is the #1 occasion for consuming potato chips - as they love to snack on something good while watching something exciting.

Challenge: After several years communicating in this direction we needed to find a fresh way to further strengthen the connection between Lay's and movie watching.
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