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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: This campaign has been developed by Mediacom and Leo Burnett with support from Graffiti PR.
Male deodorant category is extremely competitive, with many active players fighting for consumers’ attention. The pressure on the Personal Care category was intensified given the COVID impact as physical activities and direct social interactions were reduced, as such people used less deodorant than before.
Old Spice is a young brand on the market, launched in 2015, with only 4% Top of Mind in the category vs. established brands like Nivea, with 30% Top of Mind (source: GFK Trial and Media Tracking, December 2019, men 18-50y.o.). In order to grow we need to build a strong Brand Preference, and remain in consumers’ Top of Mind. Increasing Consideration for Purchase became paramount for success.
Our challenge was even more difficult as we needed to win young consumers, a group which is more reluctant to advertising and much harder to influence via traditional mass TV and classical Digital touchpoints, but open to what they are most passionate about.
Old Spice focuses on consumers under 39 years old. Men 14-39 y.o. represents 48% of Deodorant category users, while they account for only 45% of Old Spice users, hence the opportunity to grow at least to fair share levels.
Men under 39y.o. target is difficult and expensive to reach with traditional TV so we focus mainly on Digital, but we constantly have to refine and adapt our touchpoints in order to better engage with the target on their ever changing favorite platform to gain preference.
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