General Information:
Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: We are always looking for ways to put the consumer at the center of brand experiences, so we took this mission to the next level and proposed a real-life meeting with the audience, accessing new territories beyond the digital channels and tactics that have established the brand in the last
three years. The meeting had be true, authentic and to offer truly valuable experiences that respond to the target needs and establish an authentic and real interaction with them.

Target - We call them “The Creative Hustlers” – those who pursue success by fearlessly experimenting, sharing their loves, likes and passions.
They are 16 to 24 y.o., social, fun, extrovert, experiential, smart and creative. They are digital natives, always connected to Social Media, especially to the newer platforms like TikTok and
Spotify but also Instagram and YouTube. On these platforms they are simultaneously consumers and creators of content – and don’t really see a distinction between the two. Event though they are digital natives and attached to their screens, GEN Z seek out physical experiences.

Gen Z feel they need to be creative in order to succeed, but they sometimes lack inspiration, and that makes them feel limited. They value brands that really strive to make a difference in their lives, to add value, to engage them in meaningful ways. This is not only about showcasing
creativity – but inspiring & enabling it – it must be aspirational, relevant and accessible, as well
as disruptive.

Our objective was to bring to life Mirinda’s brand purpose to inspire Gen Z creativity, through co-creation, engagement, democratizing creativity and using creative experimenters as brand ambassadors.
Unlike the competition, where the target audience is depicted as individualist adolescents seeking moments of escapism, we chose to continue on communicating to our target as they are:
purposeful, aspirational individuals seeking for creativity inspiration and connecting with like- minded people.
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