The laundry category is characterized by a forcefully fight for consumers, with a media spend in 2013 of more than 6 mil EUR (source: Mindshare estimates) and more than 2.500 TV placements being aired per week (source: TNS, 2013), In addition, the struggle is not only about media , but it also happens in retailers’ stores where high discounts govern the shelves. In the context of a high promotional aggresivity,. DERO wants to break the price clutter and build brand love by acknowledging its heritage and building a campaign based on an emotional, social and modern insight: Romanian nationalism.

Dero is decided to increase the national pride and revive the old traditions in the country, by supporting actively the communities of craftspeople and the beautiful customs and traditions we inherited throughout generations.

36% of Romanians plan or want to leave their home country (Daedalus, Millward Brown, regional survey, 2013). Thus, the feeling of self-identification with the national values needs yet to be revived. Romania hides incredibly authentic values in crafts, village communities and folklore that other countries crave for and if not preserved, will soon be lost. Romanians feel proud of these values, yet they are not active in preserving them. Recently, an emerging trend of going back to these values has started to increase, with people from various social classes appreciating country-side activities, local holiday destinations, Romanian motifs clothing creations, etc..Riding the trend, DERO wants to make his statement clear:

DERO believes in the ones who carry on the most authentic traditions.

The Folklore is the Romanian National dowry and there’s the risk to disappear with time, therefore:

DERO wants to increase its connection and relevance with consumers by re-enforcing the feeling of belonging and self-identification with the national values.
General Information:
Strategy: For more than 40 years, DERO keeps a trace of ROmania in its name and talks about Romania with pride. On 1st of December 2013, an anniversary SKU was launched, with a special size (9.5 kg) correlated with the 95 years celebration since the Great Romanian Union event. The special package holds inside a symbolic gift: a handmade bracelet having the Romanian flag colors. Those who will wear the bracelet will support the handcrafting communities, most of them forgotten, which carry on the legacy of the nation, the true Romanian values and symbols. ‘The bracelet re-unites us!’. Us, the people who believe in the Romanian traditions and are proud of their heritage.
The 3-color bracelets were handcrafted in Gaujani, a Danube village where Dero gathered hundreds of women from Giurgiu neighboring villages to braid 50 000 bracelets for this occasion. DERO not only gave them the belief that they can succeed but strongly supported them step by step in the community’s 1st project from a long term purpose of reviving their own local traditions and customs..
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