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Strategic approach:
Strategic approach: Good relationships keep our target audience happier and healthier, and their existence or the lack of them, can make or break their well-being. So, Lipton campaign challenge was to uplift the target audience to spend quality time together with their friends, through enhancing societal wellbeing and awaken quality connections.

Gen Zs (16-24) and Gen Ys (25-29), the ones who are just starting out in life, adulting or carving their place in the world, reaching out to friends to spend quality time together.
Lipton views its audience as the TRIBE, possibility embracers that are carving out their place in the world. They expect a lot of themselves and their 20s.
Their friends are enormously important to them and are an extension of the person they want to be and project to the world. The 20s period is a time of exciting change with new responsibilities, ambitions and business which often means prioritising other things over friends, but they still help navigate the craziness.

Build equity for new brand identity.
Drive engagement via local creative platform “Feel the summer vibe”, through relevant content & activations fit with the brand.
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